Photographing the Natural World

About Me

I started photography unlike most, underwater, but like most that do get into underwater photography, I began with a GoPro. I quickly learned that while the GoPro does have 4k capabilities, you are not able to get anywhere near the same quality without being able to control things like the shutter speeds and apertures. So, I asked for a Sony A6500 for Christmas and sure enough I got one from my lovely wife. I then bought a Nauticam underwater housing for it due to the wide range of ports that are able to be attached. I love scuba diving and would love to show the world how amazing and beautiful it is down there.

I'm not really sure of the intent of this website yet, but I really just want a place to compile all of the travels that I've done and will do. I hope to inspire others to see the world in all of its beauty.

Photography as Communication

It was once said that a picture is worth ten thousand words, but sometimes it's even more. These words lead to conversations with like minded individuals that have equally amazing words to share in exchange.

Sharing Stories

Photography isn't really something that I understood until I began scuba diving. Through my photography, I hope to share pieces of the world one shot at a time. I attempt to take a trip once a month so please stop back in periodically to see updates.